nedjelja, 25. siječnja 2015.

Doodles, doodles & doodles

Murals & Wallpaintings from 2014

 I'm very proud of this one called Lady Baba. It's a black&white mural done with brushes and wall paint  during the second Street art festival in Koprivnica (april/may 2014). The festival featured artists like Lonac, Pekmezmed, Ninja Tiger, Chez, Artuditu and Aux. It was organized by mamuze.

This is the mural I did during Rock Live festival in august of 2014. in Koprivnica, inside one of the buildings that belongs to the ex military base. It's painted with brushes and simple wall paint and I called it Tijuana Tornado. It represents a furious Mexican all bird garage punk trio. This one I did alongside a great guy and artist Džedaj who painted a beautiful mural opposite of mine.

This is a piece I painted on the wall of my friend Kaja in Zagreb. I did it just for fun.

Here are three pictures I took with my phone. It's just a part of a project I did for an English language club Hello from Koprivnica